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Who do we support?

Specialisms we support:

Learning Disabilities

A learning disability refers to the minimised capacity to process day-to-day activities or tasks, such as taking care of the home, interacting with others, or managing money that impacts a person for the rest of their life. Learning disabilities cause people to learn more slowly and may require assistance communicating with others, gaining new skills, and comprehending complex material.


Autism is a spectrum condition that has varying effects on individuals. People with autism have unique talents and shortcomings, just like everyone else. Autism is a complex developmental syndrome that can affect a person’s relationships, communication, social skills, and self-control. It often first manifests in early childhood. Everyone’s experience with autism is unique. 
Difficulties people with autism can experience include social communication and social interaction challenges, repetitive and restrictive behaviours, over-or-under sensitivity to light, sound, taste or touch, extreme anxiety, highly focused interests and hobbies, and meltdowns and shutdowns.

Physical Disabilities

Physical disabilities can impact someone’s mobility, endurance, and dexterity. Each person with a physical disability may experience various symptoms because each is distinct and affects everyone differently. This can cause someone to have a reduced ability, making daily chores more difficult or even impossible. Physically disabled people may have trouble standing, sitting, moving, or controlling specific functions. 

Mental Health

We all have physical and mental health, just like everyone else. How we feel on the inside, or emotionally, is a measure of our mental health. It resembles internal weather somewhat. 

Our physical and mental well-being are at least equally vital. It significantly impacts how our daily lives feel and our capacity to accomplish what we need and want to, such as work, study, get along with others, and care for ourselves and others. 

Mental health diagnoses include anxiety and bipolar disorder. Borderline personality disorder, depression, OCD, panic attacks, personality disorder, PTSD, self-harm, and suicidal feelings.  


Neurodiversity includes conditions such as ADHD, Autism, hyperactivity, dyslexia, dyspraxia Tourette’s, and others. They are neurodevelopmental conditions resulting from a person’s brain developing differently at crucial developmental phases before they were born or as a very young kid. This results in symptoms, associated behaviours, and traits. Someone neurodivergent behaves, considers and learns unexpectedly compared to neurotypical people. This term can be utilised to portray a person whose brain capacities are in an unexpected way to what we consider “standard behaviour".

Acquired Brain Injuries

An acquired brain injury (ABI) is a non-generative lesion to the brain that developed since birth or through trauma. There are numerous potential causes. Any symptoms, including physical ones like balance problems, headaches, vertigo, and cognitive, memory, emotional, and behavioural difficulties, could be present.
Depending on what caused your damage and which section of the brain was impacted, the repercussions of an acquired brain injury can vary greatly. 

Outreach Services

Our outreach and community services are designed to support people in their own homes, providing assistance to meet their needs and preferences. This includes supporting them in their day-to-day life, such as managing cash, remaining healthy, cooking, being part of the community, or progressing to education. We learn about each person’s interests, needs and preferences and that we can assist them in attaining their objectives and goals.

Forensic Specialist Services (Professional Only)

Please contact us seperately about forensic specialist services.